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Because of this we ensure all traffic between you and the proxy is encrypted using only the best encryption techniques out there, such as AES-256.This encryption is so secure, it would take the world's fastest supercomputer 1000's of years to crack this level of encryption!Put simply Ninja Web Proxy is safe, simple to use and even supports a wide range of devices from Windows to Mac, Smartphones and even Apple TV, allowing the quick and safe unblocking of sites and bypassing of internet filters.We even include a Facebook proxy and our free You Tube proxy.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to having so much content: the categories are not so well organized.Ninja Proxy has been running for over three years now thanks to the support of our users and we hope to continue to grow, if you wish to support us please find us on Facebook we are always happy to chat to users to help other proxy webmasters.You Tube is an ever changing, fast paced video upload site and Ninja Web Proxy will help you stay up to date.Feel free to use our ninja web proxy technology to unblock blocked sites and to browse anonymously online to protect your privacy and security.This serivce hides your original IP address so all the websites you visit via our proxy will only see the proxy server IP.

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