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There, he met a beautiful young woman with whom he fell in love – before realising that she was taking advantage of every rich, American man who passed by on a tour. Do modern, “empowered” women really just want a rich man to take care of them? “[Sugar dating] is not necessarily a man taking on a specific role,” he explained, pointing out that there are also LGBTQ couples and “sugar mummies” on the site.

The unofficial theme of this year’s summit was “empowerment” – an obvious nod to the current feminist moment, though perhaps an odd one for a company premised on putting young, sometimes vulnerable women in relationships with older, more powerful men. Others went a more seasonal route, in crops tops and miniskirts. Attendees ranged from expert sugar babies giving advice, to novices looking to step up their game, to prospective sugar babies wondering if they should sign up for Seeking Arrangement at all.Prospective partners who didn’t broach the subject, however, would be rewarded with cash at the date’s close. Her bio in the speakers’ pamphlet boasted about their “50 Shades of Gray style arrangement” – something she said referred to their BDSM sex life, not the kind of domineering relationship depicted in the 50 Shades books.Timothy Shannon, a veteran sugar daddy and “lifestyle dating strategist”, summed up his thoughts on the issue succinctly: “If you deserved it, you wouldn’t have to ask for it.” Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s Sugar Baby Summit Luxe Swag Bag❣️Don’t miss out next week as we reveal the even more luxurious signature item. “He don’t control me 24/7, and he knows that,” she said, wagging an acrylic-tipped finger for emphasis.It was the Sugar Baby Summit, taking place among the skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan: A full-day event dedicated to teaching young, attractive women (aka sugar babies) how to find rich, older men (sugar daddies). The summit was hosted by Seeking Arrangement, the first website dedicated solely to helping sugar babies and sugar daddies connect. #seekingarrangement #sugarbaby #sugardaddy #sasugarlife #sugardating #onlinedating #rich #luxe #luxury #luxuryliving #lifestyle A post shared by Seeking Arrangement (@seekingarrangement) on The event organisers covered their glitzy midtown conference centre in hot-pink Seeking Arrangement posters, and littered it with fliers about the “mutually beneficial relationships” participants could expect to find.The site has become increasingly popular in recent years, as sugar babies have started bragging about the fancy gifts, monthly allowances, and even tuition payments they've negotiated from their “daddies”. Wrap-around windows revealed sweeping views of the city, giving the whole event the atmosphere of a high-powered business conference, rather than a glorified dating seminar.

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