Wwe superstars and divas dating in real life is tim rozon dating anyone

A large percentage of the roster has started to date within the company.

It makes sense considering you find out common interests and develop chemistry with the people you spend the most time around. Some have their relationships also work on-screen, others make it well known and a few are still trying to hide it.

They are officially married now and the show gave an insight into Naomi’s new life as a stepmother to Jimmy’s children of a prior relationship.

One of the more frequented topics among said dirt sheets are the inevitable relationships formed between co-workers outside of the ring.

WWE is the only major noteworthy wrestling promotion in North America.

The amount of coverage it gets makes the wrestling relationships going on outside of the ring huge stories.

Recent news of Stacy Keibler's fling with A-list actor George Clooney brings about memories of various pro wrestling relationships that have captivated the hearts and headlines of fans and pundits alike.

WWE has shot various angles featuring on-screen couples, but history dictates that most of these on-screen romances are either real, or end up being real.

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