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JONES: And we went on that bus with [fashion illustrator] Antonio, [models] Pat Cleveland and Alva, and I sang “I Need A Man.”TALLEY: You wore a gold tutu and gold cowboy boots.

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Having released her sixth album, ) in which she’s slated to jump off the Eiffel Tower in a cape that becomes a parachute. To appreciate it, one must witness Grace thrashing around onstage, or in her “A One-Man Show” video—an Academy Award nominee directed by Jean Paul Goude—crashing a dozen cymbals into orchestrated revolt on stage. I wanted a lot of animalism to come out of it, and when you come out with a tail that’s wet, it’s just natural—TALLEY: To shake it. Or in Paris, swinging over a throng of 2,000 at Le Palace. I only started getting into furs when the designers I liked started making them. TALLEY: How do you feel about people that cross over? Marlene Dietrich has a very wonderful sort of crossover style. When I was modeling I used to do pictures where I would dress up like my little brother. TALLEY: Don’t you think it’s passé the way society puts these sort of stigmas and labels, “boy,” “girl”? It’s just a matter of channeling the energy into which way you use it.

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