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Nancy no longer wants him, leaving their marriage a husk.Series 3 begins with Jez in a relationship with Michelle, whom he is not fond of but stays with to have a FMF threesome with.

In the first series, Mark and Jez start out with similar aims of bedding their next-door neighbour Toni (Elizabeth Marmur).

Shortly after, Jez claims to Toni that he has a terminal illness in order to receive sexual favours from her. They briefly enjoy a varied sex life, but Nancy then decides to become celibate. Mark forges a friendship with a colleague, Daryl—which he ends after he discovers that Daryl is a neo-Nazi.

He briefly appears to be having some success with his music career with Super Hans. Mark falls for a nervous, attractive student in a shoe shop and makes an ill-judged visit to his old university, Dartmouth, where she studies.

The bride, who also hosts BBC4 quiz show , met 38-year-old David in 2007 at star-studded party and the pair revealed they were dating in 2010.

In his autobiography, Wiltshire-born David admitted "I was hopelessly in love.

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