Vb net cellvalidating e cancel

As you may remember from earlier in the book, each time you shift focus in a data-bound grid, a Cell Parsing event fires for the cell you are leaving, and a Cell Formatting event fires for the cell you have moved to.

These events let you modify the displayed data as it goes out to and comes in from the data source, respectively.

When this event is canceled in data bound mode, the new value is not pushed to the underlying data source.

The Data Grid View control is a Windows Forms control derived from the Control base class, and it is a complex data container.

The Data Grid View control lets you handle validation at several levels.

To allow this, the Data Grid View fires Row Validating and Row Validated events each time the selected row changes within the grid.

Likewise, as the focus shifts from cell to cell within the grid, Cell Validating and Cell Validated events fire as well.

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