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Bean IO is an open source Java framework for reading and writing Java beans or plain old java objects (POJO's) from a flat file or stream.

Validates the XML string/file against the specified XSD string/file.

Read(schema Reader, Schema Validation Handler); asset.

Schemas := Schemas; IF NOT Try Validate(XMLDoc) THEN ERROR(Incorrect XMLErr, XMLPath); MESSAGE(Correct XMLErr, XMLPath); And the helper Try function which helps us to give a custom error in case the Validation of the XML fails: Local Variable: Validation Dot Net System. Validate XMLwith XSD('C:\temp\test.xml','C:\temp\test.xsd'); //Validate the Initial XML file--In case of Validation of the Converted file we get a message that the file is Valid: And in case of Validation of the Initial file we get an error becausse the file is Invalid: You can download and use Sample file from THIS DOWNLOAD LINK.

Replace Decimals With Comma To Be With Point('C:\temp\test_initial.xml','C:\temp\test.xml'); //validate xml with XSD Validate XMLSchema.

The XML plugin is installed properly in the plugins subdir and the 3 DLLs are copied to the Notepad EXE subdirectory.

Other XML "validation" features work but there is no way to validate against an XSD.

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