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I get a similar message for other SVN locations I've tried to add. This is a dead topic, but the solution is to install a client adapter along with Subclipse.Take a look at this, and install SVN Client Adapter, SVNKit Adapter, and SVNKit Library.Do you have any working repositories in this instance of eclipse?I've had problems in the past with the default Subclipse subversion client on Windows, you need to make sure the native subversion client is installed and correctly configured (I've got Tortoise SVN to work in the past) if you want to use the default client adapter. I installed the server and also added plugin for subclipse.I am able to import the code into the repository which has been created.Then check under Window - At my day job I sit behind a corporate firewall protecting and caching web traffic (among other things). But sometimes it rears its ugly head and stands firmly in the path of what I am trying to do.Earlier this week I was trying to look at a cool new general validation system for Cold Fusion called Validat, put out by the great guys at Alagad.

Near the bottom of that file is a [global] section with http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port settings.They don't have a download on the RIAForge site yet, but the files are available via SVN.I loaded up the subclipse plugin into my Eclipse, restarted and began adding the Validat SVN repository.If it can't do it even with the proxy settings set, then your firewall is probably blocking the methods and protocols that Subversion needs to use to download the files.It is probably of little help to you, but I enter that URL into Subclipse and the repository adds fine and I can browse and Show History on it. You have to configure that in the Subversion runtime configuration area as Subclipse uses the Subversion libraries to connect to the server.

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