Updating launcher

We’ve updated this guide with tips for the latest release of the Launcher with streaming patching. Streaming System Requirements Internet Connections: If your Internet connection speed is less than 1.5 megabits per second, please wait for the download to complete before playing.

If you are still experiencing difficulty after taking the suggested action(s), please create a post describing your issue in detail with your latest launcher log: Launcher Logs. If your Internet connection speed is between 6 megabits per second, you may experience occasional delays in gameplay and other issues while playing from the minimum download.

Recent X keeps track of text you copied 1 hour back, 1 day back etc. When the file open/save window opens, just find & select the file using Recent X. Copy files, rename or delete them directly from Recent X Launcher without running any file manager such as Windows Explorer.

Drag and drop files from Recent X Launcher to any other window to copy files, attach files, create shortcuts etc.

The traditional way of attaching files to email is very tedious.

With Recent X, you can attach any file to email within few seconds. Just drag and drop the file from Recent X on to your email client window such as Gmail, Outlook etc. When accessing one file from a list of 100 files, a significant amount of time is wasted viewing the other 99, listing the other 99, eliminating the other 99 mentally.

Recent X Launcher lets you open any file, folder, program or bookmark. Recent X Launcher automatically shows the files & folders that you have accessed recently & frequently. You do not have to spend time configuring it with your favorite items as it is quite hard to keep updating a program with favorite files & folders.Ever since it was released a couple years back it has constantly gone through many changes and improvements to be at the highly popular state it is in now.Although the game itself is at a pretty fine condition at this moment, the unsung hero of Minecraft 1.9 Mods is the high quality launcher that controls most of the stuff at the backend.This feature basically allows players to go and play the older builds of Minecraft that were used before.There are a variety of reasons why players would want to play on an older bug; some might want to do some bug fixes while others simply want to play them for the sake of nostalgia.

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