Updating bind serial numbers automatically

That way, you can include a Where clause in it, and whatever level of complexity you need for the row_number data.

With that, you should be able to get what you need.

You can select two or more items on the List of Items page (see Working with the List of Items) to combine them into a single physical item.

Items can be bound only if they are in place, are not in the acquisition process, and have not been bound previously.

When a change is made to the zone on the primary name servers, the SOA serial number is incremented and with NOTIFY configured, the secondary name servers are informed of the change.

As long as the SOA serial number on the secondary name severs is lower than the SOA serial number on the primary name servers, a zone transfer will occur.

(For information on customizing the material type labels, see Configuring Physical Item Material Type Descriptions.)Only the first 256 characters of the description appear in the Primo Get It tab (in a drop-down list).

It is recommended that the description be shorter than this so that it is properly visible in the Get It tab.

In addition, NOTIFY must be configured to inform the secondary name server of zone changes made on the primary name servers.

Select an alternative identification number type for the call number from the drop-down list.

The options in the drop-down list vary depending on how your system is configured.

You can move individual items from one bibliographic record to another bibliographic record at the item level.

For a holdings record that has multiple items attached to it, this means that you can move a single item from one bibliographic record to another instead of moving all the items attached to the holdings record.

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