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But it may be her dad who she’ll have to talk into letting her follow his career path.“I think I’ll be more excited than Travis; he will be a little more wary,” the mother-to-be said.Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Publishing, talks as Sony introduces the Play Station 4.

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“But let’s say I go into labor the morning of the race, I probably won’t tell him.She’s jumped right into the NASCAR world, surprising herself by standing up and shouting at her husband on the track, and picking up knowledge of how the sport works with each week.On top of being a chance for Lyn-z to learn her husband’s new sport, race weekends -- despite being some of the busiest days of the week -- have also doubled as the time the couple spends together. Especially this year, being at the track is kind of our only time that we have just the two of us together, because we have such a hectic household and he’s got a lot of stuff going on during the week that we don’t get to spend a lot of time just the two of us,” she said.“I can agree that I’m definitely not the typical NASCAR wife,” she said.“But I’ve become friends with a lot of them, and I don’t feel like an outcast or anything like that -- I just do my own thing, and I don’t really worry about fitting the norm.” She seems to fit in without trying to fit that norm, befriending several fiancées and wives and joking about starting a NASCAR “Mommies and Me” club for all the expecting and recent mothers in the sport.

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