Top ten online sites for sex chats

We stay on top of changes in the industry and keep an eye on the evolving threats online by subscribing to news outlets and online blogs that focus on internet security.

We test, evaluate and review monitoring software several times a year, so we know the programs very well and understand how they work with new technologies.

Through our testing, we learned that the more categories a program has, such as the 47 included with Norton Family, the easier it is to block more specific content so websites you feel are okay remain accessible.

For example, programs with more categories let us specify that we wanted to block mature games, not all online games.

You can also block specific websites and search terms by adding them to the program’s blacklist.

With this Mac monitoring software, you can disable all chat features or choose to block your kids from typing or receiving messages with dangerous words or phrases such as “come alone,” “phone number” or “don’t tell.” If someone your child chats with uses one of these words or phrases, Content Barrier automatically shuts down the chat program and doesn’t allow access until you, the parent, allow it. Top Ten Reviews has been testing monitoring software for 15 years, establishing ourselves as experts in the field.

It is a great tool to help springboard good conversations with my kids about personal boundaries, cyberbullying and why restricting screen time is so important.

You receive an alert when your child attempts to visit any of these sites or if they search with keywords related to any blocked category.

Several monitoring programs are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, but we’ve found that the Mac versions tend to be more difficult to set up and not as effective as the Windows versions.

This also works with online gaming site chatrooms, where your child may be talking with complete strangers while playing.

This monitoring program lets you completely block social media and online gaming sites so your kids can’t access them at all.

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