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The one bright hope for the future is Detroit-area recruit Davis, an innocent “church boy” who comes of age through two major crises.There’s little actual basketball in the book - the closest it comes to sports action is Pytel describing a move Davis attempts during a pick-up basketball game. “Walking Juarez,” black and white photographs and text by NMSU journalism professor Bruce Berman (Border Blog Press). The authors area sister and brother, who now live on opposite ends of the country but grew up in Vinton. This work still has some traces of the authors’ border roots, including a dose of Día de los Muertos.The collection of landscapes and aerial images are grouped by location, mostly geographic gems such as the Guadalupe Mountains, Hueco Tanks, Kilbourne Hole and White Sands National Monument.Paulda is an El Paso native who learned the craft and art of photography around the world, winning internationl awards. Attendees receive free bookmark and one signed copy will be given away. Victorian Sci-Fi Book and Tea Club — The book club devoted to Victorian era science fiction meets at 2 p.m. Three signature characters are absorbed in their own personal search for the meaning of life. The , at all local Barnes & Noble locations, featuring “The Female Persuasion” by Meg Wolitzer. The story takes place in El Puente, Texas, a far-west Texas community nestled in the Franklin Mountains.

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Open to all GLBT and GLBT-friendly people interested in book discussions. Information: 566-5549, 861-2909 or 471-9396 or on Facebook at El Paso GLBTBook Group. Monday, , at Eloise, 255 Shadow Mountain, to discuss “States of Desire Revisited: Travels in Gay America” by Edmund White. Teachers can also receive free books for their classroom. “My first version was a little stiff you might say; filled with the regular happy-go-lucky El Pasoans everybody hears about all of the time,” Murphy explains on his website. A teen-ager finds out his family business is headed by the Grim Reaper, and is surrounded by fellow teens all destined to become soul guides in Limbo. Powers’ first novel was “The Confessional,” set in a fictional version of Cathedral High School.“So I went back to work and gathered a host of new colorful characters like escape artist Fred Brown.The newest El Paso-based offering by Arcadia, which publishes local and regional history largely based on vintage photographs, focuses on the Black heritage of the Sun City. “My Life Before I Decided To Commit Suicide” by James Robert Murphy (Book Baby).Local writers Maceo Daile Jr., Kathryn Smith-Mc Glynn and Cecilia Gutierrez Venable contributed introductory and caption text. Available exclusively as an e Book through i Bookstore, Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook and more, El Paso author and musician’s book is a collection of what Murphy describes as “slightly embellished personal experiences from my youth, adolescent and young adult years.” The book handles the very serious issue of suicidal thoughts with warmth, humor and encouragement, and Murphy said he hopes the book will provide a “glimmer of resolve for all those insecure souls contemplating suicide as I once did, and to provide a unique look at how silly life’s foibles really are.... Everything thereafter is pretty darn good.” The book was a First Place Winner in the El Paso Community College Literary Festival. Make It Take It’ by Rus Bradburd (Cinco Puntos Press) - This the first novel by Bradburd, who previously authored a biography of Nolan Richardson and an account of Bradburd’s year as a coach of an Irish basketball team.

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