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I'd also like to emphasize that an eruption is not a certain thing." Hawaii Volcanoes National Park officials also blocked entry to 15,688 acres of the park as a precautionary measure.

"The recent eruption changes and increased seismicity around the East Rift Zone and Puu O'o vent may threaten land and the community outside the park.

Covering 4,028 square miles, the Big Island (or the “Orchid Isle”) is the youngest and largest of the Hawaiian Islands — twice the size of all the other major Islands combined.

And with two of the five volcanoes that created the island still active, it continues to grow: Kilauea Caldera is the longest continuously erupting volcano in the world, its present eruptive phase dating back to 1983; Mauna Loa, meanwhile, last erupted in March of 1984, sending lava to within a few miles of East Hawaii’s Hilo town.

The partial closure in the park is necessary to prevent unsafe travel onto lands under the jurisdiction of Hawai'i County and to keep people safe," said Park Superintendent Cindy Orlando.

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Hawaii County Civil Defense urged about 10,000 residents in the Puna community of Hawai'i island to leave the area after lava from the Kilauea Volcano was seen seeping out of cracks in the road, according to Hawaii News Now.Their construction on a landscape considered sacred by Native Hawaiians continues to be a topic of debate.Mauna Kea does not have a visible summit caldera, but contains a number of small cinder and pumice cones near its summit.The American Red Cross of Hawaii opened an emergency shelter for evacuees at Pahoa Community Center.Earlier Thursday 4.6-magnitude earthquake shook Hawai'i island at around a.m., causing rockfalls and a possible collapse into the crater of the Kilauea's Puu O'o vent, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

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