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She’s even been nominated for an Oscar (The Hours, Best Actress in a Supporting Role) and a Golden Globe (The Kids are All Right, Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical) for playing gay in between nominations for straight roles.

2) Better to be offered gay roles than no roles at all.

Without judging any approach as better or worse than the others, the following suggestions are things that an actress unfamiliar with the LGBT community might find helpful in preparing for the role.

What this means is that when playing a lesbian character, you don’t have to put on a “manly” swagger or adopt other stereotypically male affectations.

Just hold eye contact longer than you would normally (it will feel like an awkwardly long amount of time).

Think about that for a minute: It’s easier to identify a lesbian from how she looks at you than from her plaid shirt, cargo pants, and masculine yet comfortable shoes.

In a separate 2004 ethnography study, a researcher found that lesbians used a “direct stare”—prolonged eye contact “maintained for a period of time that is considered longer than what would be customary in a social context”—to indicate and gauge interest.

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