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I know you can hear me using my vibrator, I want you to listen to my fucking myself and groaning wishing it was you. I gasped with pleasure as mom let out a guttural moan. All the self doubt that I would never have sex was lifted from me. My eyes went from the magazine to my dick gripped by my own Mothers pussy.

Sometimes I sneak across the landing to your door so I can hear you. I know you've been masturbating in here, I can smell it. " Still jerking me she reaches between my legs and cups my balls, squeezing them. At long last here I was, with my own cock inside a woman.

"I love listening to you wanking it at night, I listen against the wall and hear you slapping that hard meat and i rub my myself imagining you and that stiff penis of yours! " with the porn mag splayed open on my her back I fed my whole length into moms welcoming snatch, right up to my balls. I was fucking as hard as I could, sweat dripping on to her that I smothered over her glistening ass cheeks. Her hand brushing through her bush and rubbing her hard clit. Just one night earlier, I was turned on, horny, worked up, and desperately needed to get off. And I was able to watch her cum right in front of...I actually had intended to just watch some porn as I was known to do, take care of business and go to bed. Read On Added: | Category: Taboo | Avg Score: 4.89 | Words: 1,474 | Tags: stepdaughter sex taboo orgasm voyeur masturbation | 12 Comments A lactating MILF at a lake resort makes a living the way she learned as a teen, as a prostitute.I jumped up and awkwardly gathered my magazines and began shovelling them back under my bed. Reaching the large photo of the centre spread she exclaimed "Oh, look at her! You just wait 'til you feel a vagina for the first time, you'll love it - so smooth, hot and creamy! " Suddenly a thought struck her and she jumped up from my bed. Taking my hips she eased me down onto the solid length, feeding it into me. Imagine sucking on those and fucking that tight little fanny! Outside I heard footsteps on the driveway, then the front door opening and voices calling. My breath quickened as my blood pumped hard through me. The next thicker load runs up my moms bare thigh and even more over her chest, soaking through her top. My mom scanned the scene in front of her with a bemused smile. "Tsk tsk, you're going to have to throw out some of these girlie magazines, do you really need all these? On all fours with that nice plump bottom in the air - what a dirty girl! " I grunted with lust as pre-cum began dribbling from my cock on to the girl in the picture. As Mom set it vibrating I began impulsively riding it up and down. Look at that magazine slut, such a dirty, sexy bitch! Keep wanking it for me, mmm, think about plunging your stuffy into her! Pretend you're fucking her, think about unbuttoning that school uniform and kissing her nice young tittes! She thrust her ass up to me before pulling down her shorts. " My balls tighten and i gulp at the sight of my mom's welcoming hole. " Moms creamy pussy tightened as her orgasm hit, gripping my shaft, as she muffled her grunts into my duvet. " She held the tip down to the mag and smeared pre-cum over the girls chest. I groaned, arching my back, mom pulled the dick from her lips and furiously jerked me at the magazine. She gently ran her hand down my shaft, milking the last drops of semen from me with a big grin.

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