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It also had 3 patent dates on it: 2-8-76, 10-21-84, and 7-24-88 By type 8 only the last patent date remains 7-24-88 That is what we have, so it look like it is Type 8 and above rog receiver undergoes a major redesign.A smaller bearing surface is now cast into the bed, toward the tote.The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of 1907 A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where 1907 falls in the Type study: Type 9 1902-07 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post.Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer. Adjustable Block Plane Features an adjustable throat, lateral adjustment lever and Bailey-type depth adjustment. Jointed lever caps, prone to unlock with careless use, were referred to as "knuckle busters" by generations of woodworkers. 16 and 17 save for model number and knuckle-joint cap.

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I previously went over a quick primer on Type studies but have yet to find my original pictures for my illustrated list.

Understand that the Stanley equivalents listed are what might be termed "close matches" and that some details of the planes are not necessarily identical.

Adjustable Block and Rabbet Plane Features a screw-operated cap clamp and depth adjustment. Non-Adjustable Block Plane A small, squirrel-tailed block plane favored by model and instrument makers.

I'll say it again, these Type Studies by collectors are only as good as based on the size of a large number of specimens, and the manufacturers never bother to help future collectors, they recycled often cut illustrations in their publicity and catalogs.

That meant re-using old images, not the current model, and were known to used up previous inventories of parts, wherever possible. The one we will be examining is the Bailey No 7 Jointer, I recently acquired.

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