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In other cultures circumcision is associated with preparation for marriage and as a sign of entry into manhood.

Australian Aboriginals circumcise a boy when he reaches puberty in a ceremony that is part of “men's business”.

The ceremony that they had gone through is a special part of their tribal culture and was very important to these boys, who were proud to show that they were now “men”.

The holy foreskin was a particularly venerated relic, with 21 churches and abbeys reputed to have possessed and worshipped it.Stories of the power of the foreskin, its “magical” use, its “travels” and theft abound [Mattelaer et al., 2007] [In 1900 the Catholic Church became fed up with the holy foreskin and threatened to excommunicate any who spoke about it [Mattelaer et al., 2007].As discussed in section 4 on the history of circumcision, the Judeo-Muslim practice of circumcision quite likely had its origin in Egyptian civilization.There is ample evidence of circumcised mummies at the time the Hebrews inhabited Egypt, as well as illustrations of the operation itself and of circumcised Pharoahs, dating back to 3,000 BC [Weiss, 1997].

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