Smell shirt dating

Now, social media entrepreneurs are putting that science to the test. Everyone knows that to find true love, you have to be yourself.

I’d never heard that you should also smell like yourself, though, until I joined a matchmaking service called Smell Dating. After 72 hours, the cotton was pickled in my essence.

Pheromones are the chemical triggers of sexual attraction in mammals. The bags are assigned a number and only the guest knows what their shirt’s number is. These pictures are projected as a slide show on the wall at the party. If you see a guest you find attractive holding your number, this is the green light to talk to them! At the end of the party, a Facebook album is created and all of the pictures are tagged - so if you missed your match at the party, you can still contact them.

If you are attracted to someone’s pheromones, it is believed to be an indicator that the pair of you will have healthy offspring. But there's something about letting your nose sniff out a new partner, rather than trusting you heart or your eyes that doesn't sit so well with me. Guests are asked to sleep in a cotton t-shirt for 3 nights in a row to capture their odour print and bring this in a ziploc bag to the party. Pheromone Parties are making their European debut in London at Stories bar on Tuesday 25 March 2014, 7.30pm - 11pm.

Everyone emits a different smell, and at Pray’s first Pheromone Party, attendees were required to wear the same shirt to bed three nights in a row (no perfume or deodorant allowed), put it in a Ziploc bag, and bring it to the party.

All you have to do is be willing to air your dirty laundry. 25 year-old Atlanta-based artist Judith Prays is the mind behind this smell-based dating trend, and she made it official in 2010 when she threw her first Pheromone Party in New York City.

“Attraction to pheromones seems to be how many animals do it,” he said.

“Either way it’s a good indication that you’re off to a good start.” If someone can open a conversation with a complete stranger’s body odor, News Feed thinks that’s a pretty good start, too.

While the potential daters mingled with each other, they took breaks to smell the different bags.

If they liked what they smelled, a photo was taken of them holding the bag with the dirty t-shirt they were attracted to.

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