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Critics consider her the most important and successful comprehensive Egyptian and Arabic artist of all time.

Her first appearance in a film was in Azhar wa Ashwak (Flowers and Thorns), and her last film was La Tas'alni Man Ana (Don't Ask Me Who I Am).

Her nephew, Khaled Shaker, said during a televised phone conversation that she recovered from the stroke and could identify her relatives and the people around her.Other notable films she starred in include "El les we El Kelab" (The Thief and the Dogs, 1962) and in her comedy roles in films "El Zouga raqam 13" (Wife Number 13, 1962) and "Meraty Modeer A'am" (My Wife the General Manager, 1966).Indeed, Shadia was often cast in cunning and cheeky roles, however, she also played serious roles, such as in "El Tareeq" (The Road, 1964), and in the stage version of "Raya and Sakina", which was based on the true story of two Alexandrian serial killers and directed by Hussein Kamal (1953). Read more I am fun loving 24 yr old girl who has a passion for culinary arts, bollywood movies and live theater. I am working towards getting a Masters degree in Deaf Education. in 2017 and since then I am assisting in our family business (Tirupati Foam Ltd. I have managed a project of Data Analysis as a Freelancer. Read more I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in Miami. Some of the things I love to do are travel, go sightseeing, and cooking. I love cooking, shopping, reading books and writing. Initially we both were not very convinced about finding a life partner on any online website but through this matrimonial site our dream came true. Hi, Our story (Geet & Himanshu) We both found each other on I would love to meet someone who is loyal, simple to share my life with, unde... A boy who will hold my hand throughout this new journey to support me... Read more I am a happy go lucky person who loves to travel. After our initial meeting, we knew that we were ready to make a commitment to each other and take things forward. We would like to give a big thanks to for helping us finding each other.

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