For example on 14 January 2015 the European version of the online game Diablo 3 patch version 2.1.2 has received the following update: • The number of CPs that character gets 1 point for endurance, increased for all characters 67 - 70 levels.• In MMA can now engage only those who have passed the great outdoors or portal.• increased its stock of the health of your companions and servants.

Patch due next week for "We have a patch coming within the next week (patch 1.0.2) that has been in development since the game’s launch and is mainly aimed at addressing service issues.

• All characters level 70 now treated by spheres worse, but they have increased basic health parameters.• Number gain experience for killing monsters with the help of special equipment items is now tied to the level of complexity of the round.• From now on, chat messages from all players will be able to learn about how they killed a goblin or greedy, he managed to escape.

As usual, every Wednesday in the studio of Blizzard all employees are showing their projects for patches and updates.

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