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Parents, spouses and other loved ones can have a hard time figuring out if someone in their life is using drugs when they hear these unfamiliar terms.The following table is a great resource for anyone who suspects their love one’s new vocabulary may be related to drug abuse: This drug is a stimulant but is also used for decongestant purposes; some of its chemical properties are closely related to methamphetamine and Adderall; it’s also used to help with weight loss and performance enhancement; abuse of this drug is predominately for athletic purposes; a less potent form of this drug is pseudoephedrine.Only with this understanding will we minimize these miscarriages of justice, support victims and restore their confidence in the justice system.July 2017 Jeff Rojek, Associate Director for the Center for Law and Behavior at the University of Texas, explains what the research shows about why law enforcement officers are more or less likely to use seat belts.This video includes interviews with LEADS Program Chief Research Advisors, Geoffery Alpert and Gary Cordner.

She said she was inspired by the LEADS Program to begin analyzing this subject.They are unsure about whether or not their teen or student is using drugs.They are also lost on what to do if they were to discover that their teen or student A person’s behavior will change as he or she begins to abuse drugs on a regular basis.October 2017Eight individuals affected by wrongful convictions in the U. criminal justice system share their stories and the challenges they have faced since the wrongful conviction came to light.NIJ is dedicated to using science to learn about the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions.

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