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It's one of the reasons I really hired him in the first place was that it's where his character goes in the next couple of stories and I just think he did a fantastic job." He received critical acclaim for his role as Oxford University student Alistair Ryle in the British dramatic thriller The Riot Club with Charlotte O'Sullivan of the London Evening Standard saying "Claflin captures his character's vitriol very well" and Laura Dibdin of Digital Spy saying "Claflin brings intrigue and vulnerability to offset the sense of entitlement thus making Alistair the film's most fascinating character".In 2016, Claflin reprised his role as William, Snow White's childhood friend, in several scenes of the sequel The Huntsman: Winter's War.

As she is dating a guy, so she definitely is not a lesbian.

Numerous pictures of the two that we can see online prove that Sam Claflin and his wife share relationship filled with love and mutual support.

Sam Claflin was born as a third of four sons of Mark and Susan Claflin.

She is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend since 2011.

Her boyfriend is an actor who is originally from France.

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