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Previous to SAP ECC, if new fields were required to General Ledger SAP had to deliver these new fields in Special Purpose Ledger tables.

With SAP ECC new GL, SAP Customers can add new ledgers (which SAP calls “parallel accounting”) into General Ledger.

In this way, you can extend the BAPI functionality and easily populate the profit center by yourself.

You may face a situation in which a business user wants to allocate e-commerce sales/cost of goods sold (COGS) to a retail store based on some rules such as the nearest store or by address.

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The profit center is a mandatory field and is required to be zero balanced in the SAP system.

Profit Centre Accounting in R3 was Special Purpose Ledger table 8*, Joint Venture Accounting was ledger 4*.

This essentially meant that data had to be copied from General Ledger table GLT0 to special ledger tables so these could be reported upon.

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