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Claire "Wini" Mears is the one and only "bigsistersunshineface" to Christie.

Although the two didn't grow up in the same house together, Wini is the most supportive and loving sister Christie could ever ask for.

There is plenty of parking on premises for guests who will be driving.

We will also have hotel blocks at nearby hotels that may also offer their shuttle service or guests can use UBER/LYFT services.

They started to see each other outside of softball and kickball and really hit it off.

We are very excited to spend this very special day with you all and hope you enjoy it!

Angela lives with her husband Tyler and daughter Siena in Grand Rapids, MI."Kickball makes or breaks relationships"- in this case, kickball made one of the BEST friendships that two girls could ask for!

Christie and Stacy met during Christie's first season of playing kickball in Coral Springs. In just a few short years, the two have come to have a very special bond that only the best of girlfriends could have!

Throughout the years, they've grown to become more and more alike (and even look alike according to their Drivers License!

) and have developed a bond only siblings could share.

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