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But when I left Canton the place was still unopened, although a house had already been bought, which had been occupied as a private residence by Pun-ting-qua, the last of the Hong merchants, whose property, as I have said already, had been confiscated by Government.

This house was one of the finest I have seen in China, and its magnificent costly decorations con- veyed some notion of Pun-ting-qua's great wealth, which had been quietly absorbed by the authorities.

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In addition, leveraging security intelligence and integrating security with operations and developer teams can help organizations push the boundaries of innovation.Macao is interesting as the only Portuguese settlement to be found on the coast of China.It may be reached by steamer either from Hongkong or Canton, and it is a favourite summer resort for the residents of our own little colony.It is mostly female children who are brought to this benevolent institution, for girls are esteemed nothing but encumbrances to poor parents in China, the reproach of their mothers, who ought to give birth to boys alone.These foundlings are bought by the wealthy and brought up as servants or concubines ; or else they are disposed of to designing hags, who purchase them on speculation and reserve them for a more miserable fate.

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