Pound of fish dating

Commercial trawlers, seiners and gillnetters sometimes catch them off the southern coasts of California, north to the Bering Sea and in waters off Japan.Because they live at great depth, few ragfish are found on beaches, according to a 2003 scientific paper written by George Allen, professor emeritus in the fisheries department at Humboldt State University. "A surprisingly large number of adults have been hand-collected from the beaches of bays and inlets of southeastern Alaska," Allen wrote in the paper published by the Marine Fisheries Review.

Ragfish have come to scientists primarily through fishermen and citizens who deliver them to fisheries management personnel, museum curators and ichthyologists.

Rietze first thought the beached fish was a halibut.

He also found eggs about 50 feet to the right of the frozen ragfish carcass. I grabbed one and it smelled like a salmon egg and it had a little membrane around it, like a little tail, which is nothing like a salmon egg." Not much is known of their spawning habits, although a study was done in 1990 about the early life history of fish in Southeast Alaska.

In 19, state and federal fisheries biologists in Juneau and Petersburg provided researchers with 16 ragfish records.

A unique feature of the ragfish is the name itself.

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