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Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process whose purpose is to encourage eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period of time.It was created in 1998 by Antony Beilinsohn (a Los Angeles based television executive) after his Rabbi, Yaacov Deyo, encouraged him to conceive of innovative ways for eligible jewish singles to meet and marry.According to the New York Times, participants in speed dating experience an average of 2 in 10 or 3 in 10 matches.Online dating participants, in contrast, only find a compatible match with 1 in 100 or fewer of the profiles they study.POG takes the most popular online Y8 games and sorts them so players find what they like. There are even Android and i Phone games just like Y8.Most speed dating events match people at random, and participants will meet different "types" that they might not normally talk to in a club.On the other hand, the random matching precludes the various cues, such as eye contact, that people use in bars to preselect each other before chatting them up.

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A 2006 study in Edinburgh, Scotland showed that 45% of the women participants in a speed-dating event and 22% of the men had come to a decision within the first 30 seconds.

As reported by the BBC in the Science of Love, it only takes between 90 seconds to 4 minutes of face-to-face interaction to determine attraction, which gives speed dating an advantage over online dating.

While over 100 companies in the US offered speed dating through online registration during the growing of the Internet, between 20 three large speed dating companies emerged with a national footprint in the US, with events in over 50 US cities: Hurrydate, 8Minute Dating and Pre-Dating.

Because the matching itself happens after the event, people do not feel pressured to select or reject each other in person.

On the other hand, feedback and gratification are delayed as participants must wait a day or two for their results to come in.

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