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We become old dogs who can't learn new tricks or old preachers who choke out passively worded apologies to protect our institution instead of the women within it.So, the alternative is to let our eyesight instead grow dim to this world and her various institutional pillars.We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.Steve is a 50-something married man who's been around the block.If you'd like an answer to your romantic troubles, e-mail them at [email protected] write: S&M c/o Daily News...A while back, on a Saturday afternoon, a couple of girlfriends and I were lounging at a house in Fishtown, chatting about life over glasses of chardonnay.Is this why there are boob-jobs and Maseratis and affairs and everything bigger and seemingly better?Because somewhere along the way we lose our place and scamper to fill it as quickly as possible? And, if I'm honest with myself, my place in theology was errant if it could be lost in the first place.

I mourn this shift in some ways and invite it in others.

My mother-in-law says a weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

I know there's an allegory there somewhere but the dirt is calling and I must go.

A couple of years ago I lost my political affiliation and nearly in the same breath, though by a different cause, began to feel less at home in my denominational affiliation. I ask my husband a month ago: is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?

This monumental sense of loss of home, of being, of place?

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