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Virtually all environmental forensics investigations focus on addressing questions pertaining to the nature, source, age, and ownership of site-related contamination.

Contamination, particularly at complex historic sites, is usually a multifarious mixture of both organic and inorganic chemicals.

We thank Nano-Inorganic Laboratory, Department of Nano & Bio Chemistry, Kookmin University to access the Gaussian 03 program packages.

These procedures were designed and tested for internal use by OSHA personnel.

Mention of any company name or commercial product does not constitute endorsement by OSHA.

Equipment The noble gas laboratory includes the following facilities: The Noble Gas Mass Spectrometers MM5400 and Helix SFT are sector field mass spectrometers, which have been optimized for noble gas analysis by Thermo Fisher Scientific company and its predecessors. The heavier noble gases Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe are analyzed in “peak jump” mode in both mass spectrometers, i.e., the isotopes are detected one after another by setting the magnetic field accordingly.

Ultrahigh Vacuum Furnace and Sample Crusher For gas extraction from rock samples, two double-walled ultrahigh vacuum furnaces with resistance heating are employed.

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