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Patricia Driscoll (left) faces seven federal charges after for stealing from the Armed Forces Foundation between 20 An 11-page indictment charges Driscoll with using foundation money to pay her personal bills, diverting foundation funds to her personal bank account and lying to the Internal Revenue Service about her salary and benefits.

Law enforcement officials said there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against him, but a family court commissioner in the state ultimately granted her request for a protective order requiring Busch to stay away from her.

But Driscoll and Busch turned the event into a huge fundraiser for the Armed Forces Foundation, and, the way she saw it, a huge opportunity to revamp his reputation, with plenty of reporters and documentary crews following the quest.

Though Busch wasn’t able to finish — his engine blew out halfway through the Charlotte race — Driscoll has incredibly fond memories of the event.

When a reporter asked Busch about the altercation on pit road, Busch shouted expletives at him and had to be physically restrained by his crew members.

Two months later, Busch was caught on camera screaming profanities at another reporter, Jerry Punch, after the season-ending race at Homestead.

She’s had people she considered loyal friends betray her. Kurt Busch, his lawyer, and his public relations representative did not respond to repeated requests for comment about Driscoll’s allegations or the ensuing smear campaign against her in the media.

Busch has denied the allegations of assault before, both in court and to the media.

She’s watched the foundation she poured her heart into shut its doors. She’s had to explain it all, in some form or fashion, to her 12-year-old son.It’s moments like this when the 39-year-old mother regrets walking into the Dover Police Department two and a half years ago to file a domestic violence report against her ex-boyfriend, NASCAR star Kurt Busch.When you used to look up Driscoll’s name, you’d likely find headlines about her work as the President of the Armed Forces Foundation, photos of her pre-race kisses with Busch, clips of her appearances on Fox News as a defense expert, and articles in which she discusses how to help veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, her search results on Google paint a scandal-plagued picture that follows her wherever she goes.She was encouraged all along by members of the NASCAR community who recognized Busch’s talent and wanted to see him get back to the top of the sport.Over and over again, she remembers hearing the same refrain: “If anyone can handle [Busch] it’s you.

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