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According to a late source, Hippolytus in the third century CE, for Anaximander's own works do not survive, Anaximander claimed that living creatures were first formed in the "wet" when acted on by the Sun, and that they were different then than they are now.

He undoubtedly made the greatest contribution of any one man to the saving of human lives, and most scientists today would say that he was the greatest biologist of all time.

It was not a complete theory of evolution by any means, although Haeckel and Osborn claimed he was a "prophet" of Kant, Laplace, Lamarck and Darwin.

Anaximander also claimed that spontaneous generation continued to this day, with eels and other acquatic forms being produced directly from lifeless matter.

Pasteur was a strongly religious man, and ever more so as he grew older.

When asked about his faith, Pasteur would reply: "The more I know, the more does my faith approach that of the Breton peasant.

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