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For questions (1–5) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). The island has 365 palm-fringed beaches - one for every day of the year, as Antiguans will tell you - great food and wonderful, open-hearted people. Hidden Treasure If, like me, your vision of the perfect Caribbean holiday involves muscovado sand beaches, blissfully warm azure sea and a constant supply of rum-based cocktails, then Antigua won't disappoint. Along the way we saw pastel-coloured houses, Eric Clapton's villa, kids playing barefoot cricket - Antigua is home to Sir Viv Richards - and more great beaches. Lured by the prospect of a picnic lunch in a deserted cove, I agreed to join him, and I'm very glad I did. At picturesque English Harbour we explored historical Nelson's Boatyard, and bought a bag of 'black gold' -nothing to do with pirates, but the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted.So, be prepared as the virtual classroom may find its way to a computer screen near you! C To prove that individualized attention is hardly possible in a traditional classroom.0 What is the author’s overall attitude towards a virtual classroom? D To prove that teachers feel no special concern for developing students’ flexibility.5 What role are parents supposed to play in the web based education of society?Prices, based on departures between 1 Sep-, may be subject to a fuel surcharge. D on a horse back2 Which sight did the family NOT see in Antigua? D ‘black gold’ treasures.4 The family had dinner at A St James’s Club. But business owners are busy people and may not have the time or desire to write articles. You can offer to write articles for small website owners. If you are interested in English, or Civil Engineering, then head to the university and click yourself a degree.

Imagine your recreation room has now become your classroom, and your parents seem to be doing as much homework as you are! D He is disapproving1 Why are people attracted to online education? B To prove that teachers overestimate the value of students’ social behaviour.An instrumental version of the album was released in 2012. With barely anyone else in sight, even the sand at the resort feels exclusive. For an outstanding view of the island, I heard the best place is Shirley Heights. Our four-year-old daughter was entranced to see real bananas growing on trees and whole families of goats and chickens trying to cross the road.

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