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While Eminem has full custody of Whitney, he’s not actually her biological father. While his mother, Mary has sued for visitation rights on his behalf, very little has come of this and Eminem continues to hold full custody over Whitney.

Whitney is the result of a brief relationship between her mother, Kim (Eminem’s ex-wife and mother to his biological daughter, Hallie) and a man named Eric Hatter. She was born on April 16, 2002, so now she’s right into the teenage years at 14 years old! ) Many people have talked about the Eminem “daughters.” Some people think he has only one daughter, while others have speculated he has as many as four!

He has maintained his body and looks energetic at the age 44 kg, weighing 68 kg.

Whitney Scott Mathers has a lot of interesting facts about her and is part of an intricate family network, all strangely connected to Eminem himself.

Check out the following Whitney Scott Mathers wiki to know more about her! He’s been an ex-convict and has faced several drug charges over the years.

When it comes to his family and relationships, he’s been open about some subjects, while quieter on others.

His mother, Deborah and his ex-wife, Kimberly Scott have been cited negatively in his lyrics, often being targets of his anger and frustrations.

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