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Ceramic cookware can mean several things: clay pots and pans that are baked in kilns then glazed.

On the other hand, they can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and sheet metal, or other metals coated with ceramic enamel.

Studies indicate that it is in everyone’s blood at a low level in the USA.

It has been found in some foods, household dust, and at low levels in drinking water.

It is worth every penny spent for its features, durability, and long life.

No seasoning is required like cast iron or stoneware when used in the oven.

The best ceramic cookware is glazed and lustrous, silky and smooth.

The best ceramic cookware will give you exceptional uniform conduction with no hot spots, scorching, or food reactions to change color and taste.Iron will discolor certain foods and spinach will turn black.Copper can be toxic and anytime food is stirred in copper or cast iron, tiny flecks come off.All cooks have their own methods in the kitchen from the gourmet connoisseur to the everyday great cook.Do you cook because you love to or because you must?

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