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There have been many versions of the bow and one of the more interesting in my mind was the English Longbow (actually used by Welshmen first) that helped turn the tide of many battles in Medieval times.An arrow shot from a longbow could pierce a knights armor at more than 250 yards! If you’ve done any archery you know that people will try to sell you every gizmo under the sun to add to your bow: stabilizers, string silencers, quivers, sites and peep sites.You can shoot with a special trigger so that you never even have to touch the string with your hands.

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After shooting my Bear Bow (as opposed to shooting bare bow) for awhile, it got to the point where I could shoot the nocks off my arrows at 20 yards and still be hitting the target out to 50 or 60 yards with fair accuracy.

At one point I had a range in my back yard with different stations starting at five yards going out to about 30 that required different types of shooting.

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