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Officers said that 'almost all of the participants' were in the play zone when the building was raided.There were also three hotel staff, who were allegedly tasked with serving hot tea to the guests, cleaning up the rooms and joining in with the sex games.Can a middle aged man, divorced twice, really be that shy with someone they like?Should young guys now start dating middle aged women since the majority of young girls prefer middle aged men?But if you're around someone who frequently gives you soul-penetrating stares, there's a high probability they're into you.

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Many guests had visited previously.'A prosecutor is now developing the case against the hotel owner.'Pattaya on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand has become known as the sex capital of the world since American servicemen began visiting in the 1960s during 'rest and relaxation' time from duties in Vietnam.Dramatic footage shows the moment police raided an illegal orgy at a hotel in Thailand catching middle aged British men with young Thai women.Images from the raid in Pattaya, often referred to as the sex capital of the world, show the middle-aged Brits sweating heavily and rushing to cover themselves up.he Chinese hotel owner was arrested for running a hotel illegally and hosting sex parties.Naris Niwapantawong, District Sheriff in the Banglamung area of Pattaya where the raid happened, said the men from many different countries 'exchanged partners with each other'.

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