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"Annie getting out of that other relationship and now being in a new relationship has been great for as an actor just because it exposes me to more people," she says, still eager to learn from this diverse and seasoned group of actors.

When I have a chunk of time that I can really dedicate to music, I really want to get into it.And while she calls the subdudes one of her favorite bands to work with on the show ("They're really, really sweet"), Micarelli can't be convinced to go down road. I don't know if I want to tour just because I'd rather be in one place and work on a record or something of my own." She agrees the experience "would be cool" though, leaving the door open."I don't think I'm gonna do any of that," she says of touring. "If I do do something like that, it would just be a few shows here and there." (At right, Micarelli appears with the Pine Leaf Boys at the 2010 Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, and the video for is available on i Tunes.) When filming for Season 2 wraps in late May, Micarelli will keep honing her musical skills.While restaurants such as Bacchanal (in the Bywater district) and Dick and Jenny's (on Tchoupitoulas Street) get her attention, Micarelli says the most enjoyable part about this whole experience has been the generosity of numerous musicians.They give her stacks of CDs and details about local clubs, turn her on to such artists as pioneer jazz violinist Joe Venuti and ask her to sit in with them.

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