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Medical freedom and human rights won when four vaccine bills were defeated.With the concerted efforts of grassroots activists and independent media, all four anti-freedom bills have been officially withdrawn and defeated. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page. Please set your browser to accept cookies to continue.Optimally, vaccination should occur before onset of influenza activity in the community.Health care providers should offer vaccination by the end of October, if possible.

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CDC conducts science-based investigations, research, and public health surveillance both nationally and internationally.

Floridians for Medical Freedom lead the charge by organizing representation at the state capital.

You can read more about the history of these bills in our previous reports here: Urgent Action Required: Stop Forced HPV Vaccines for Florida’s Kids ACTION ALERT: Oppose Unconstitutional State Forced Vaccine Tracking of Your Family – OPPOSE SB 1680 and HB 1045 (FL) With the help and courageous efforts of independent media organizations and leading activists, including Green Med Info, Natural News, Kelly Brogan, MD, Robert Scott Bell, Dr.

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