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They want an all rounder (sexy, clever, talented interesting)Unfortunately if they categorize you, you might be found wanting hence the mixed signals.If you have slept with one and he is distant, Try telling him you just want to be friend then hang out together.I think that there may be a link with The Surtees family, mentioned at the end of the diary."I was impressed at the way you handled that..."They don,t like to be jealous.First, he is asking me perverted questions, then he plays the Mr.I was devastated, i just could not believe how something we both felt so strongly, could be dropped in such a manner.)Also they might do this moody thing where they decide you are too good for them and are downright nasty.

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But make sure it isn't one sided, girlfriend..needs to show his appreciation for you.

I have the death cert, of James Hodgson brickmaker b 1873 c.

I have been unable to trace him successfully in 18 Glasgow, and was described as a Newcastle lad in the company archives.

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The first person to contact me was able to provide me with a picture of my grandmother something I didnt have at all as well as a photo of my grandfather when he was younger." You may also submit a short text document for publication on this site with information on your family tree.

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