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Was a Devoted wife - Trucking Changes a Person I was married to a trucker for 6 years ( together 12 years) we had a really good relationship, I took care of everything ( while having a full time job … Some are sad, some are hateful, some are endearing, and some are truly scary We've been married …Is it a requirement that all OTR truck drivers need to come home for home time after awhile?girlfriend of an truck driver who has no compassion I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year now and I had a job not the best job but it paid my bills took care of myself and my son's my boyfriend …Trucker Husband Has Became So Afraid Of Getting Into Accident Hello!Your feedback about riding OTR in truck with husband My boyfriend is considering becoming a truck driver, and we were also wanting to get married this year.We know he would have to be gone a lot, but after …My Boss & Co-Worker Wants To Kill My Husband & I Don't Blame Them I am a dental hygienist at a dental office in which my boss is a dentist along with his son who also is a dentist, his wife, who is the office manager …

In a good relationship to be the wife of a trucker is tough to put it mildly I am sure. My husband is Punjabi Indian and is an OTR truck driver. First Week As A Truckers Wife Is Hell But Still Here My Husband Left Tuesday I Tried To Have The Best Out Look On This As Possible Being New To It But I've Been Threw A Week Of Hell.. My Wonderful, Crazy Life as a truckers soulmate Truth be told...truckers are just awesome. Four years ago my life was changed, & for the better. Truckers wife of 3 years - Don't know how much longer I can take it I have been married to a trucker for 3 years we have two children and work full time and I'm dedicated to our church. Wife and Husband delivering goods across America - OTR long haul Where do I begin?

I met my trucker a year ago - online if you can believe it. My husband of 15 years has been driving for 3 months now and he is just not getting the miles that the company said he could possibly get. Having an affair with a trucker's girlfriend I met a very nice woman who's boyfriend is a trucker. At first I was just a friend to whom she could talk … I was distant and didn't want to talk to him, guess I was feeling …

How do you deal with the stress of him being on the road? Truckers chose to escape responsibility of life and they want the secret life I have been 30 years he has been gone 30 years and future he will b gone for another 30 years.

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