If you’re still searching for information about the lesbian or bisexual lifestyle then these may be perfect for you to learn more, mingle with other like-minded women and eventually meet the right women to fill your w4w needs.

She might not think the first few guys are her type, but she could swipe for a few hours and probably find 15 guys she'd at least hook up with.

My friend Laura, 27, who identifies as queer and has been out for about seven years, says that while these dating apps have allowed straight and questioning women to explore their sexualities more, they're also a risky endeavor for queer women.

"On one hand, it's great that these girls have a venue in which to explore their sexuality safely, but on the other hand, I've learned a few times on first dates with women I met online that they've never been with a woman before," she says.

Many women wonder how to meet other women for dating.

Whether we identify as lesbian, bisexual or bi-curious — we all desire the touch of a woman, and often nothing else will do! There are online w4w resources and sites that will meet your needs.

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