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Jez tries to remember "the bad thing" that he did with Super Hans whilst they were on a drug binge together, which he eventually remembers was fellatio. Mark urinates in Barbara's office drawer in reaction to being passed over for a promotion by her, who instead gives the position to Sophie.

He has therapy, which includes word association and a Rorschach test.

Mark admits to Johnson that he has feelings for him, but that he is 85% sure that he is straight.Jez makes a semi-threatening phone call to Sophie whilst he and Mark are hiding in bushes outside her house; she shoots Mark with an airgun.They go to Hans' flat, where Jez pepper-sprays and kicks Hans. Back at the flat, Sophie visits and Jez pepper-sprays Mark.Jez and Super Hans; plans to form a band are halted by disagreements between them, including what the band's name should be.Toni tries to involve Jez in pyramid selling - and he tries to involve Mark.

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