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It's not something ever-present in my mind, but I know that paternal link is important to other people." Reinforcing the point, Mr.Patric said one of the themes of the play is the examination of the father-son relationship."When I'm there, it's just tapping into memories of certain nostalgia I had as a little boy," he said. "It's just, you know, he was able to get away with just being Jason Miller there. When someone's not sober, they're just really not interesting to talk to." On his own For much of the time Mr. Patric was trying to establish an identity on his own merits, without cashing in on his famous heritage."I don't know enough of the people or the town or what it's really doing now; how it's turning a corner, how it's not. His mother, Linda, was the daughter of Jackie Gleason, so the acting genes were strong on both sides of his family.My association is just to you guys.' Not what it was to my father, the good and the bad things." In the Electric City Recently, Mr.Patric visited Scranton to film a spot for a morning talk show.A camera crew followed him as he checked out his father's old stomping grounds, including his former high school, St. Sorvino starred in the stage and movie productions of "That Championship Season" in the 1970s and '80s. Patric saw the statue, but he said he felt no real connection to it.Patrick's, his family home on Fillmore Avenue and Courthouse Square, where, in 2008, Paul Sorvino unveiled a bust of Mr. "I guess to create something in Scranton so people there feel that they can go on to the arts if they so want.

Patric said, adding that it looked the same to him as when his father and grandparents were still alive.

"My dad, he had a very brief moment of brilliance." Mr.

Patric, who stars in the revival, said that while it was difficult to revisit the catalyst that drove his father away, it is so well-written he was able to distance himself from its deeper personal attachments.

"It has a lot of identifications, personally, of triumph, and also defeat," Mr.

Patric said in an interview with The Sunday Times following a recent preview performance of a revival that opens May 6 on Broadway.

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