Is continental casualty liquidating 2016

NRS 104.8509 Specification of duties of securities intermediary by other statute or regulation; manner of performance of duties of securities intermediary and exercise of rights of entitlement holder. NRS 104.9110 Applicability to security interests arising under Article 2 or 2A.

NRS 104.8510 Rights of purchaser of security entitlement from entitlement holder. Part 2 Effectiveness of Security Agreement; Attachment of Security Interest; Rights of Parties to Security Agreement NRS 104.9201 General effectiveness of security agreement. NRS 104.9203 Attachment and enforceability of security interest; proceeds; formal requisites; supporting obligations.

NRS 104.4210 Security interest of collecting bank in items, accompanying documents and proceeds.

NRS 104.8503 Property interest of entitlement holder in financial asset held by securities intermediary.

NRS 104.8504 Duty of securities intermediary to maintain financial asset.

NRS 104.2723 Proof of market price: Time and place. NRS 104.2725 Statute of limitations in contracts for sale. NRS 104.8207 Rights and duties of issuer with respect to registered owners. Part 3 Transfer of Certificated and Uncertificated Securities NRS 104.8301 Delivery. NRS 104.8402 Assurance that endorsement or instruction is effective.

ARTICLE 3 NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS Part 1 General Provisions and Definitions NRS 104.3101 Short title. NRS 104.8208 Effect of signature of authenticating trustee, registrar or transfer agent. NRS 104.8403 Demand that issuer not register transfer. NRS 104.8405 Replacement of lost, destroyed or wrongfully taken security certificate.

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