Implications of liquidating

To recognize a loss, the partner’s basis has to exceed the distribution, and the distribution can only be money, unrealized receivables or inventory.

Basis in a partnership is a moving target, requiring frequent adjustments.

Basis increases with the partner’s share of income and contributions to the partnership.

That allows the partner to receive distributions up to his basis as a tax-free return of capital.

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he shareholder consequences of a complete liquidation of an S corporation are governed by Secs. The dividend rules that otherwise apply to corporate distributions are not applicable to distributions in complete liquidation.

This may in turn make it difficult to accurately determine the AAA available for ordinary distributions and makes inadvertent dividend distributions from AE&P more likely to occur.Partnerships might distribute land, equipment or other property as part of the liquidation.While property generally keeps the same basis in the hands of a partner as the partnership, liquidation requires a different approach.Partnerships allow multiple people to pool their assets together and conduct business.When it comes time to part ways, the partnership distributes its assets back to the partners and dissolves.

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