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"He pleaded with me to move in with him by Halloween during one of my trips to Las Vegas." Madison says she resisted at first, but adds that eventually her "need to feel loved would win out over my need for independence." Holly goes on to say Angel would constantly tip off tabloids on stories, set up "candid" paparazzi shoots and used their relationship as "misdirection" against the bad reviews his Sin City show was getting at the time.

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“I wasn’t so charmed by the cheap plastic dry-erase board stuck to the back of his front door with the words ‘Britney was here!

Madison took in the final “preview” performance of her apparent beau’s Cirque du Soleil show, “Criss Angel Believe,” Tuesday night at the Luxor.

She sat next to Angel’s mother, Dimitria Sarantakos, during the performance.

The two also were joined by Angel’s aunt, Stella, who is credited with teaching her nephew his first magic trick when he was 7 years old.

Angel played homage to his extra-special guest during the performance by working Madison’s name into the script. ” he exclaimed as he chased his on-stage love interest across the stage.

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