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So how about a round of applause to all the staff at all the places that serve fries for the hard work they do. 306-653-8883 2nd Ayden Kitchen & Bar 3rd O’Shea’s Irish Pub 4th Congress Beer House 5th Leopold’s Tavern While The Yard & Flagon grabs all the accolades, and deservedly so as they’ve practically owned this category since we started Best of Food & Drink, I’d like to take a moment to salute the United States Department of Agriculture.See, way back in 1941 at the Presque Isle station in Maine, USDA scientists developed the Kennebec potato that the Yard & Flagon uses for its fries.So congrats to them on their latest win in this category. I’m not going to use the same intro two blurbs in a row. 306-649-2830 2nd Saboroso Brazilian Steakhouse 3rd Montana’s BBQ & Bar 4th Tony Romas Saskatchewan has undergone a barbecue revolution over the last decade.That doesn’t detract from the fact that Taverna, like Gibson’s, a Saskatoon institution. While many of us purported to barbecue in our backyards and local parks before, what we were really doing was grilling. But for an authentic barbecue experience you need to invest time and energy to make the rubs, marinades and sauces that work magic on the food you’re preparing. Rizo’s Restaurant 4th Mano’s Restaurant and Lounge 5th Tony Roma’s When I went looking for details on the ribs you voted best in Saskatoon I came up empty.It’s described as a medium-to-late maturing, fast-growing white potato with a high yield that keeps well in storage.Of course, there’s more to good fries than just a quality potato. 306-653-2873 2nd Hollows 3rd Costco 4th Leopold’s Tavern 5th Congress Beer House My introduction to poutine came when I visited my sister in Quebec City in 1993.

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It’s one of the pleasures (and pains) of working on a feature like this — especially when meal-time is approaching, and the hunger gremlins are stirring in my stomach. Or, you can just stop by Schryers and order up your favourites from the oh-so-yummy menu. I almost called in chief electoral officer to conduct an investigation, but before I did I decided to dig a little deeper.

According to the website, “soomsoom” means “sesame” in Hebrew.

And sesame seeds are a major ingredient in Soom Soom’s Middle Eastern-themed menu. 306-974-6717 2nd Fuddruckers 3rd Ayden Kitchen & Bar 4th The Yard & Flagon Pub 5th Prairie Harvest Café If you visit Congress Beer House’s Facebook page you’ll certainly see some impressive burgers.

Five of six items in its Between the Bread section, in fact, are vegan-friendly, with a Bison Burger being the only outlier. What hasn’t changed is the Gibson family’s commitment to serving the best fish and chips to hungry Saskatonians.

As Craig Silliphant observed in his blurb last year, Gibson’s is a Saskatoon institution. 306-652-6366 2nd Primal Pasta 3rd Chianti Café 4th Little Grouse on the Prairie 5th Prairie Harvest Café When Taverna Italian Kitchen first opened in Saskatoon in 1969, the city’s — okay, I’m just teasing.

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