Girls willing to sex xhat on skype

Thank you for reading this, I have had a horrible few months, I don't know what the future holds, any advice would be good from what any viewpoint you take. How awful for you to be going through this, I imagine your living on the unknown and the stress that brings. It's not easy with addictions to simply not do it anymore( I don't have dealings with drugs but my now ex had a alcohol dependency problem, so I know the lies and deceit that comes with it) if he genuinely doesn't want to do them anymore then places like turning point and on the phone.."frank" are good places to start. Not so much the porn etc, but to do it whilst you were upstairs is quite unforgivable! Maybe this is something you old look at doing together. Think the money issue would be a issue for me also.If he's just saying it to appease you, then I'm sorry but he will lie to you face to face and believe what he says to justify feeding his habit. Maybe better spending that on a trip to Anne summers together . I've no real advice and I'm sure other mums may be better able to help you Good luck Hi and thank you for your reply.This is a major concern with children involved, ad I'm sure more experienced people on here will be able to help you more. You're right it is a horrible time at the moment, has been for a good few months.Yes I think you're right that he is saying he won't do it anymore to cover himself and then a week or so later I discover he is arranging to buy more or has bought more.I booked an appointment with a solicitor as I couldn't see a way through this, the drugs keeps happening when he says it won't and now the Skype thing.2 nights before I saw the solicitor we had a huge heart to heart and he crosses his heart and hopes to die that he won't do this again, he was crying and I was too, and to cut a long story short I cancelled the solicitor appointment.He said he won't, I said I have no idea what you will get up to out there, but please have a conscience and think of me.

I only found this out as I have been suspicious about him staying up late and I managed to get into his laptop and found a load of conversations between him and two other women, on Skype.He is doing it to himself whilst they do it to themselves and he pays for this too.He has been having these conversations with one of the women for 6 months or so on and off.It is hard work just me and the girls but actually I am more settled and relaxed as I don't have him to worry about.I want to ask myself what am I ding with this loser???

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