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However, where the Alpha Bitch uses her wiles and sex-appeal to get what she wants, the Jerk Jock usually isn't very smart and is more likely to fall back on fear of violent reprisal instead.Usually, violence is not an option to deal with him, unless The Hero or somebody on their side (likely The Big Guy) is indeed physically stronger than him.This is because examples of this trope are almost exclusively white and either American, British, or German, (even in multicultural environments) and usually also exemplify the worst forms of behaviour stereotypically associated with white colonialism, even if it is only towards members of the Jerk Jock's own ethnic group.Unfortunately, this trope tends to be somewhat a Truth in Television, and very much restricted to team sports. Just as the Alpha Bitch has a Girl Posse, the Jerk Jock has the Cool Crowd, a crowd of hangers-on who bow to his every whim and help him victimize whomever he decides to pick on. A boorish, obnoxious, spiteful asshole with an out-of-control sense of entitlement, he spends his time beating people up, getting drunk and destroying property; and in darker works, he may also be an incorrigible rapist.So, it was with Bill Torrey back in 1995 when I spoke to him and others on the day of the big night, albeit, with the four Stanley Cup rings, probably not the biggest night of his hockey life.

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If he has siblings, one of them is usually a Nice Guy or a Nice Girl with whom he doesn't get along.When I asked him about his team winning four Cups in a row, he reflexively pointed out, through gritted teeth: “Almost five.” Livestream every single game of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs—blackout free—plus the Toronto Blue Jays, key Raptors & NBA Playoffs matchups and the 100th Mastercard Memorial Cup, all in one subscription. Torrey, four consecutive Stanley Cups and one round away from a fifth: 23 years ago I wrote that I doubt we’d see anything like that in my lifetime. In fact, it was in Pittsburgh that Torrey began his pro-hockey career and adopted the bow tie as his trademark fashion statement.As much as the Pittsburgh Penguins, two straight and still breathing in the second round, might present a threat to my mortality, they have won nine straight series. “I was wearing one when I got my first job in hockey with the Pittsburgh Hornets,” Torrey told me.The reason is diffusion of responsibility: team sports encourage tribal mentality, loyalty to own tribe (team), hostility to other tribes (other teams) and complete indifference towards outsiders.The tribal mentality dilutes the responsibility of one's behaviour and manners, and even at some instances encourages uppity and obnoxious behaviour.

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